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RNA edits list
RNA editing is a post-transcriptional process in which the transcript is altered at specific locations by prior to translation. In chloroplast genomes, RNA editing seems to be restricted to land plants, with most editing events resulting in C to U changes, but U to C edits are also quite common in seedless land plants. Most chloroplast editing result in nonsynonymous changes to the RNA sequence, causing the eventual protein sequence to differ from that which would be predicted by the DNA sequence. The changes resulting from RNA editing include the creation of start codons and the conversion of stop codons to sense codons. Thus, knowledge of RNA editing is important to accurate genome annotation and essential for accurate prediction of protein sequences. The following list contains RNA edits as annotated in the Genbank files. The numbers only reflect the current number of entries stored in the database and may change when the database updates. You can also download an edited sequence from which a more accurate translation can be obtained.


Gene name
rpoC2 AnfoCp006 (45)
rpoB AnfoCp004 (42)
psbB AnfoCp054 (39)
rpoC1 AnfoCp005 (32)
accD AnfoCp037 (27)
chlB AnfoCp016 (26)
atpA AnfoCp011 (25)
petB AnfoCp059 (22)
cysA AnfoCp022 (22)
petD AnfoCp060 (22)
ndhB AnfoCp093 (20)
rbcL AnfoCp036 (20)
rps2 AnfoCp007 (19)
atpI AnfoCp008 (19)
ycf10 AnfoCp040 (18)
atpH AnfoCp009 (17)
ORF288 AnfoCp078 (14)
petA AnfoCp041 (11)
psbD AnfoCp023 (11)
ycf2 AnfoCp021 (10)
atpF AnfoCp010 (10)
rpl21 AnfoCp076 (10)
ccsA AnfoCp079 (9)
ycf4 AnfoCp039 (9)
psbC AnfoCp024 (7)
rps16 AnfoCp017 (6)
rps7 AnfoCp092 (6)
petG AnfoCp047 (5)
psbH AnfoCp058 (4)
ORF51 AnfoCp018 (3)
psbM AnfoCp002 (2)
rpl32 AnfoCp077 (2)
rps18 AnfoCp050 (2)
petL AnfoCp046 (2)
trnK AnfoCt108 (1)
rpl33 AnfoCp049 (1)
ndhD GobaCp072 (1)
rps14 PhpapaCp041 (1)
psbL (1)
psbT AnfoCp055 (1)
ndhD (1)